This doll is my favorite. (That's a dog hair on the scanner, not a scratch on her face. :-)

She has a mink stole that you can fix lots of different ways.

Here is a close up of her face and her hands to show the jewelry. Her earrings are long and there is a gold ball that hangs from the necklace. It is a little hard to see just how nice it is because it is on the scanner.

This Barbie has 2 toned hair, frosted in the front. She has a ring and beads in her hair too. She also has real eyelashes. She is $50.00


This Barbie has nice long, silkie blond hair that you can brush if you want too. The material on her "mermaid" skirt is like silkie mylar. The top is velvet. She has on black open toe heels.



The last Barbie is in black & gold and she wears black pumps. She has brown eyes and red lips that I gave her. Her hair is nice and silkie too. The jewelry on all of the dolls is hand made from glass beads. This one wears a nice little shawl (just like on AMC!) with beads at the ends. Her dress is sleeveless with beads on the top front.


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