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"Whose Life Is It Anyway?"

Alex's alter ego tried to turn Dr. Dave into a jelly fish today. She still doesn't
know who is trying to escape from her inner self. She and Edmund are on the trail
of her past so we may be getting a somewhat interesting story. Will
she turn out to be Anna Devane, I wonder?

It was certainly interesting at Myrtle's house today. Besides the fireplace lighting
itself and the tea on the table that no one made, we found out Myrt had a baby. Could it be...............Rae? And it's probably just me, but every time they say, "Elsa, Illinois",
the song "Gary, Indiana" from "The Music Man" goes through my head.

Myrtle, honey those eylashes....
Just a little too much.

Myrtle wanted to be alone, but that just wasn't happening. Erica barged in like
she owned the place.

Erica: "Myrtle! Where have you been, Myrtle? Why haven't you answered your phone,
Myrtle? Myrtle, you didn't even open The Boutique. Why Myrtle, you didn't even go to
Joke and Gillian's wedding Myrtle. Myrtle, what's wrong with you?"

Myrtle: "I had ta go outta town dearie."

Erica: "Well Myrtle, why didn't you tell someone? And what is that folder you are
trying to hide Myrtle?"

Myrtle: "It's personal Ericker. I'd rather not talk about it if ya don't mind."

Erica: "Well I will not stop nagging you until you tell me everything Myrtle."

Myrtle: "All right stop houndin' me! I had a baby!"

Erica: "Well you carried it so well. I didn't even know you were pregnant Myrtle."

Myrtle: "You idgit, not today! Years ago when I was young and in the ca'ney ...
I had a baby."

"I had a thing for the man who walked the wire.

He used to take me for spins on the Ferris wheel."

Close enough

But he turned out to be a rat and left before I could tell him I was pregnant.

Erica: "I didn't know you were a spinner Myrtle"

Myrtle: "Oh I was much thinner when I was younger dearie. I was a great spinner...and he was my know?"

Erica: "Oh yes I do. But I thought you would have preferred a different type of man.

Myrtle: "Well I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in Elsa, Illinois and I gave her up for adoption. I have found the records of the birth and I was thinking..."

Erica: "No Myrtle, you can't! It will only bring you pain and heartache. I have three little words for you.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

"Besides, I am like a daughter to you and that should be enough." (Oh yeah...uh huh. The daughter to end all daughters.) "Burn it!"

Rae: "Burn what? Well I'll just help my self to a cup of tea that wasn't here a minute ago while Myrtle ponders throwing something in the fire that wasn't burning in the last scene. Hello Erica."

Erica: "Well, she certainly makes herself at home! (yeah, well at least she is renting a room) But let's get back to what I was pounding into your head Myrtle. Burn it!"

I think Myrt should stuff Erica into the fireplace right about now. This is really none of her business but she sticks her nose in anyway. Sheesh, try to keep a secret in this town!

I hate Payolo's accent but I have to say he looked great without that shirt today. Hubba, hubba!
I am sorry to hear it only takes him 15 minutes though. What kind of self respecting gigolo is he?

Payolo: "I am a cod-a, no-a?"

Marion: "Cod? I prefer caviar dahling."

Payolo: "Let-a mia pour-a you-a some-a champagñe-a Maryann-a."

Hey-a Payolo, do you think you could put any more drugs into the glass? Idiot-a!

Poor Stuart, sitting home all alone and waiting for Marion. He really wants to see her in her wedding gown by I.C. Urboobzapoppin. That guy really knows how to design a décolletage.
This isn't going to be pretty. Adam might want to hurt Marion but doesn't he care how much he is hurting his brother?


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