Subj: Re: Corchinski/Watrous Date: 3/3/2003 7:41:36 AM Eastern Standard Time From: (Wyatt Kopp) To: Hi! Sorry I am so late in returning your e-mail. I am attaching the information that I have on Ruth Corchinski with this e-mail. The articles are under Edward Piascik. I am still gathering information on her so I will send you more as I get it :) Wyatt --- wrote: > Hi again Wyatt, > > I hope I didn't scare you off before with the last > e-mail, LOL! It's just > such a coincidence that you found my website. My > cousin's wife, with whom I > work on genealogy with, and I were just trying to > figure out Ruth's other > marriages & children, etc. That was only about a > week ago and I had mentioned > the newspaper items you had e-mailed Barbara Watrous > quite a while back. I > have never spoken to your mother so have no > information from her about > anything. I hope we can be of help to each other. > > Margaret > __________________________________________________ Do you Yahoo!? Yahoo! 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His parents were Mr. And Mrs. Alexander Piascik. He had four brothers, Alexander, Peter, Stephen and Frank Piascik, and three sisters, Stella Messik, Alice Piascik and Lorraine Piascik. He never married Ruth Corchinski, but was arrested for seduction because he got her pregnant at age sixteen. \par \par The 1939 New London directory lists Edward Piascik's occupation as a stevedore with the Central Vermont Railway. His residence was listed as 1 2 Front Street, New London, Connecticut. The house at 12 Front Street is listed in the 1939 New London Directory as having a telephone and called the Mansion House Furnished Rooms. \par \par }{\i\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 From the New London Day, February 26, 1938, page 18}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 Man, 21, Held on Girl's Charge}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par Edward Piascik, 79 Harrison Street, 21 year-old Railroad employee, was bound over in the police court this morning for trial at the next term of the criminal superior court on a charge of seducing 16 year-old Ruth Corchinsky of 64 Harrison Street . Piascik was arrested last night upon the complaint of the girl who said her parents have ejected her from their home because she is soon to have a baby, that Piascik has refused to marry her, and that she has no place to go. Through his counsel, Attor n ey Griswold R. Morgan, Piascik demurred to the charges when presented before Judge Belcher this morning but his demurrer was overruled and probable cause for sending the case to the higher court was found. Bonds of $1,000 were ordered and this afternoon r elatives of the accused were endeavoring to raise the necessary security so that he may obtain his freedom pending the opening of superior court in May. Police Captain Babcock said arrangements will be made for the care of Miss Corchinsky, pending the ou tcome of the trial. \par \par }{\i\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 From the New London Day June 23, 1939, page 6}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 Before Court For Contempt }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par Edward Piascik of this city was held under bonds of $500 when presented before Judge Erwin C. Dickinson in the superior court on a contempt of court charge this mo rning when the case was continued for one week. Piascik was sentenced to a year in jail in the superior court last year on a charge of seduction and after he had served two weeks the balance of the sentence was suspeneded on condition he pay $3 a week fo r the support of his child. In presenting him on the contempt charge today State's Atty. Arthur M. Brown stated Piascik had only paid $24 since his release. Benjamine F. Roberts, of this city, who received a 30 day jail sentence, June 15 on a bench warra nt charging him with fornication, was brought before the court again today and further execution of the sentence was suspended and the accused placed on probation. \par \par }{\i\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 From the New London Day, September 11, 1941, September 11, 1940, page 8}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 Edwar Piascik Dies of Injuries At Providence}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par Edward Piascik, 23, of 262 Main Street, died late yesterday at the Providence hospital from injuries incurred Aug. 22 when he fell through the hatchway of a ship which was at a wharf of the Quonset Naval Air Base at Quonset Point , R.I. Piascik was employed as a longshoreman. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Gladys Srednicki Piascik; two sons, Wayne and Richard Piascik; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Piascik; four brothers, Alexander, Peter, Stephen and Frank Piascik, and three sisters, Mrs. Stella Messick, Alice Piascik and Lorraine Piascik, all of this city. \par \par }{\i\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 New London Superior Court Records Docket No. 3637 \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 State vs. Edwar Piascik, May 1938 Term of the Criminal Superior Court}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par For the accused George C. Morgan \par June 24, 1938 Plea of guilty to second count of information. \par June 24, 1938 A "nolle prosequi" was entered as to first count with consent of Court. \par June 24, 1938 Sentence: Jail one year without costs. \par \par Spouse:\tab Ruth Corchinski \par Birth:\tab 14 Oct 1922 \par Death:\tab Dec 1976 \par Father:\tab William Harry Corchinski (1891-1955) \par Mother:\tab Elsie May Pierce (1898-1974) \par \par Children:\tab Sandra (1938-) \par \par Other Spouses Gladys Srednicki \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1a Sandra Corchinski*}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par ---------------------------------------- \par Birth:\tab 1 May 1938, Waterford, Connecticut \par \par Spouse:\tab Paul Myers \par Birth:\tab 31 Mar 1937 \par \par Children:\tab Charles (1959-) \par \par Other Spouses Franklyn Kopp, Walter White, Harvey Matthew Quackenbush \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1a.1 Charles Myers}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par ---------------------------------------- \par Birth:\tab 10 Mar 1959 \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1b Sandra Corchinski*}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 (See above) \par ---------------------------------------- \par \par Spouse:\tab Franklyn Kopp \par \par Children:\tab Vincent (1963-) \par \par Other Spouses Paul Myers, Walter White, Harvey Matthew Quackenbush \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1b.1 Vincent Kopp}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par ---------------------------------------- \par Birth:\tab 31 May 1963 \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1c Sandra Corchinski*}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 (See above) \par ---------------------------------------- \par \par Spouse:\tab Walter White \par Father:\tab William White \par Mother:\tab Lillian Ursprung White (1905-1980) \par \par Children:\tab Wyatt (1968-) \par \par Other Spouses Paul Myers, Franklyn Kopp, Harvey Matthew Quackenbush \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1c.1 Wyatt Kopp}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par ---------------------------------------- \par Birth:\tab 30 Sep 1968, New London \par Occ:\tab Lawyer \par Educ:\tab GED 1987, A.S. Mohegan Community College, B.A. Eastern Connectucut State University 1995, J.D. Western new England College 2002. \par \par }{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 1.1d Sandra Corchinski*}{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 (See above) \par ---------------------------------------- \par \par Spouse:\tab Harvey Matthew Quackenbush \par Father:\tab Harve Quackenbush (1902-1967) \par \par Other Spouses Paul Myers, Franklyn Kopp, Walter White \par \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\sl240\slmult0\nowidctlpar\tx360\tx4320\tx5760\tx6480\faauto\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \page \par }\pard \qc \li0\ri0\sl240\slmult0\nowidctlpar\tx360\tx4320\tx5760\tx6480\faauto\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\b\f2\fs28\insrsid11687015 Index}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par }\pard \ql \li0\ri0\sl240\slmult0\nowidctlpar\tx360\tx4320\tx5760\tx6480\faauto\rin0\lin0\itap0 {\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par }{\b\f2\insrsid11687015 Corchinski}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par \tab Ruth\tab spouse of 1 \par \tab Sandra\tab 1.1a \par }{\b\f2\insrsid11687015 Kopp}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par \tab Franklyn\tab spouse of 1.1b \par \tab Vincent\tab 1.1b.1 \par \tab Wyatt\tab 1.1c.1 \par }{\b\f2\insrsid11687015 Myers}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par \tab Charles\tab 1.1a.1 \par \tab Paul\tab spouse of 1.1a \par }{\b\f2\insrsid11687015 Piascik}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par \tab Edward\tab 1 \par }{\b\f2\insrsid11687015 Quackenbush}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par \tab Harvey Matthew\tab spouse of 1.1d \par }{\b\f2\insrsid11687015 White}{\b\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 }{\f2\fs20\insrsid11687015 \par \tab Walter\tab spouse of 1.1c \par \par }}